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WELCOME TO Muskingum County Humane Society

The Humane Society of Muskingum County, Ohio was established in 1908 for the purpose of preventing cruelty to children, to the elderly, to the destitute, and to the animals of Muskingum County.  Many government agencies now have jurisdiction over the human elements, but the Humane Society continues to help prevent abuse and cruelty to animals.  There are times, however, that the Humane Officer does become involved with human cases.  

The Society consists of a board of directors, general membership, and a humane officer.  It is funded by donations and fundraisers.  No tax money is involved.  The Humane Officer is paid by the city of Zanesville and Muskingum County.  The cost of his Workman's Compensation is paid by the Society.  

The Humane Officer's duties are guided by the Ohio Revised Code.  He investigates reports of abuse, neglect, and cruelty.  At times, prosecution is involved and he must collect evidence to support the infraction and appear as a witness.  The cases involve working with county or city law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.  To report a case, call 
 (740) 450-7293 
or local law enforcement non-emergency numbers.

The Society is involved with stray cat pick-ups within the county and is assisted by the Animal Shelter in the placing of strays.  For cat problems, call
 (740) 674-6176 

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